Captain America was a summer time hit and plans for the second installment in the hopefully long series of sequels is in the script writing stages. “Captain America – First Avenger” co-writer Christopher Markus has been kicking around an idea that this NerdBastard can get behind because it involves two of my favorites. Markus said:

“I love MODOK and I think you could make a terrifying movie with MODOK but nobody seems to be on my side at the moment.”

Markus is referring to MODOK, the outrageously weird villain created by the cabal of mad scientists AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics). MODOK’s name is an acronym for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. Stan, Jack, and all those early Marvel creaters loved acronyms, they were mad for them!

Markus also has his first choice for casting, “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage:

“I will win you over to Peter Dinklage as MODOK. If he came around the corner and you saw him floating there you would be terrified. It would be amazing.”

Markus went on to say:

”In this movie, the great thing is [the visual effects and makeup team] really pulled off the Red Skull. It doesn’t look like a mask. it looks like it’s fully integrated into his flesh. And I want to see what they can do with MODOK.”

This NerdBastard would love to see Dinkladge as MODOK in the next Captain America movie. He would nail it! Considering that Arnim Zola was in the first movie and lived through it, he could easily come back in the sequel and be tied into the creation of MODOK.

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