The day has finally come, and DC‘s big gamble is upon is. Tomorrow the summer crossover event Flashpoint finishes and Geoff Johns and Jim Lee‘s Justice League #1 kicks off the new DC universe. What will change, what will be the same, who will or won’t be wearing pants? All these pressing questions and more will be answered over the coming weeks as the first issues of “New 52” roll out.

So, what titles are planning to pick up? Will you be at your LCS for a midnight release party? Are you planning to pick up the first issue of every series to find out what you like best or do you have only a few choices. Or, do not really give a fuck about what happens next for Supes, Bats, Wondy and all those other lame characters in DC’s house?

What am I pulling? Because I know you’re waiting with baited breath for what this DC girl will be throwing her money at, here’s my list,

Justice League #1 – Kind of a no brainer. If you want to know the hows and whys of this new universe, this will be the book to read. Also, the team of Johns and Lee, how can this be bad?

Batgirl #1 -Even if this book wasn’t dripping in controversy I’m sure I’d be pulling it. Leaving my feelings about Oracle out of this, who isn’t interested in seeing Babs in tights again. Plus, this is the first time she’ll be featured in her own book, which I found shocking. Okay…not all that shocking. Oh! And if this isn’t enough reason to pick it up, it’ll be written by Gail Simone. ‘Nuff said.

Stormwatch #1 – I’m a Martian Manhunter fan, even if I don’t know a whole lot about him. Let’s just say he’s awesome in every animated adaptation I’ve seen and it seems a good idea to use this #1 springboard to start reading the comics. This book, written by Paul Cornell, another thumbs up writer, also features a few of the newly incorporated Wildstorm characters, Apollo and Midnighter. Have to say I’m interested to see how they blend in the DCU.

Batwoman #1 – Let’s see, oh right, I’ve only been waiting for this book for over a year! FINALLY.

Batman #1 – Hot off of American Vampire, Gates of Gotham and an incredible run on Detective Comics I’m dying to read what Scott Snyder will do with Bruce in the cowl.

Birds of Prey #1 – I love my ass-kicking girls, and even if the only returning BoP member is Black Canary. I’m totally intrigued about adding Poison Ivy to the mix. I also want to know who this other chick is, Starling or something.

Nightwing #1 –  I must admit, during his time in the cowl I’ve completly fallen in love with Dick Grayson. He’s like Batman-lite, and sometimes you don’t want all the serious emotional problems, lack of trust and almost zero sense of humor that come along with Batman.

Wonder Woman #1 – Wondy is another character I’ve read little of. I’ve always adored her in other incarnations, but I’ve never given her books much of my time. Now I’m changing that, and this run by Brian Azzarello  looks awesome! Plus, how can you beat art by Cliff Chiang?

Aquaman #1 – I’m a firm believer the King of Atlantic, nay, the King of the whole ‘freakin ocean deserves some respect. Respect, which he never gets. Everyone’s always raggin’ on poor Aquaman. I think Geoff Johns can change that. He did a hell of a job on the entire Green Lantern mythos, here’s hoping he brings that spark underwater. Hmm…spark? Bad choice, maybe?

A few of my favorite characters have be left off because what I saw of their new books didn’t impress me, mainly Green Arrow and Harley Quinn. There are other books I’m interested in but not enough to add to my pull list, like Swamp Thing and Demon Knights. Maybe I’ll read ’em trade.

Here’s a look at the current numbers of pre-orders for the new books as reported by Bleeding Cool,

JUSTICE LEAGUE 100% 200,000

BATMAN 83% (50-111) 166,000

ACTION COMICS 76% (62-90) 152,000

GREEN LANTERN 68% (50-90) 136,000

DETECTIVE COMICS 64% (50-80) 128,000

BATMAN AND ROBIN 54% (28-85) 108,000

BATWOMAN 54% (33-85) 108,000

BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT 53% (40-85) 106,000

SUPERMAN 52% (30-75) 104,000

RED LANTERNS 52% (30-85) 104,000

BATGIRL 49% (17-60) 98,000

SWAMP THING 49% (30-85) 98,000


AQUAMAN 48% (27-90) 96,000

WONDER WOMAN 48% (28-75) 96,000

GREEN LANTERN CORPS 47%(30-70) 94,000

FLASH 42% (30-80) 84,000

TEEN TITANS 38% (15-60) 76,000

NIGHTWING 37%(17-60) 74,000

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK 37% (22-60) 74,000

SUPERBOY 35% (11-65) 70,000

CATWOMAN 34% (17-60) 68,000

ANIMAL MAN 34% (20-65) 68,000

SUICIDE SQUAD 34% (11-75) 68,000

GREEN ARROW 33% (20-48) 66,000

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS 32% (17-80) 64,000


BATWING 31% (11-60) 62,000

ALL STAR WESTERN 31% (15-52) 62,000

SUPERGIRL 30% (17-45) 60,000

STATIC SHOCK 29% (17-55) 58,000

BIRDS OF PREY 29% (5-50) 58,000

DEMON KNIGHTS 29% (17-45) 58,000

STORMWATCH 29% (15-44) 58,000

DEATHSTROKE 28% (10-60) 56,000

JLI 27% (15-52) 54,000

CAPTAIN ATOM 27% (11-44) 54,000

GRIFTER 27%(5-50) 54,000

BLUE BEETLE 27% (5-44) 54,000

HAWK AND DOVE 26% (5-50) 52,000

I VAMPIRE 26% (5-44) 52,000

RESURRECTION MAN 24% (17-44) 48,000

LEGION LOST 24%(5-44) 48,000


SAVAGE HAWKMAN 23% (11-50) 46,000

DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS 23% (11-35) 46,000

MEN OF WAR 23% (5-40) 46,000

MISTER TERRIFIC 22% (5-40) 44,000

VOODOO 22% (5-44) 44,000

OMAC 22% (5-40) 44,000

LEGION OF SUPER HEROES 21% (5-44) 42,000

BLACKHAWKS 21% (10-40) 42,000

So, finally, will you be picking up any of the new books, and if so, which ones? Us Nerd Bastards want to know!

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