You Can Make Your Very Own Ecoto-Cooler

You know what I miss? Ghostbuster’s Hi-C Ecoto-Cooler.  It was a dam good, delicious drink from the 80’s and 90’s. It provided surgary nourishment….. and it was green. Plus it had a picture of Slimer on the juice box. I love that guy. Suffice to say, it was the best non-alcoholic nerd beverage. Right up there with Pepsi Clear.

Unless Hi-C gets their shit together, will never see it on the market again. And that is sad. However, the Ghostbusters: Chicago Division have figured out how to make it at home. Yes, you can brew your own Ecto-Cooler,at home with materials you can all get on your own. Consider my mind blown.

Thank you Ghostbusters: Chicago Division, for you have given the greatest gift that can bestowed upon man.

Source: ToplessRobot

Category: Nerd Culture