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I had no idea the Nintendo Gamecube was waterproof? Learn something new everyday, huh? (TDW: Geek)


Over at io9 they’ve got a new poll you should definitely participate in, Vote for The Greatest Science Fiction Them Song of All Time. You can choose from themes like Knight Rider, Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Batman, MST3K and many more. This first round is only original TV theme songs, but look for cartoons themes and themes that are covers of other songs to come up soon.


Listen and watch Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill sing a new, super-special Doctor Who Confidential song. What a bunch of nerds! (The Mary Sue)


No, this isn’t just some great-looking Master Chief statue, it’s a cake! Simply incredible. How could you bring yourself to eat it? Well,  I could take all my HALO online multiplayer rage out on this delicious, delicous cake. Mmm…I’d wreck it. (Obvious Winner)


Movies have taught us so much, how could we not look to them for relationship advice. Know which one you should definitely try, drop her in a pit, works every time. (Geek Tyrant)


Get the Aperture style all the cool kids in orange jumpsuits are sporting this year with socks made to look like Chell‘s boots. Warning, these socks will not help you land when falling through portals. (The Mary Sue)


As you might have heard, DC began the relaunch of their entire line this Wednesday with the release of Justice League #1. And some people were all like, “meh.” Why? Because DC didn’t air commercials like this one to get you pumped, and laugh at us silly comic book nerds with all our worryin’ and bitchin’. (Geeks Are Sexy)


Kevin Knight has an incredible cosplay gallery from Comic-Con over here at his website. You should really check it out. It’s beautiful stuff, some really stunning portraiture. Raise your glass to both the cosplayers and Knight’s awesome photopgraphy!

Not only is George R.R. Martin the author of the super amazing A Song of Ice and Fire books, now the super succesful Game of Thrones television series, as well a bunch of other books and short stories, he’s also a huge comic book n3rd! Could this guy get any cooler? Read his letter to Stan Lee about The Avengers and Fantastic Four which were printed in the 1960s. (You Bent My Wookie)


This is a creation of true love and devotion:  a stop-motion recreation of the Johnny Quest opening sequence. It’s incredible! Here’s creator, Roger D. Evans‘ description,

In 1964, Jonny Quest aired to rave reviews as the first, adult action/adventure cartoon in prime time. It had cool jazz music by Hoyt Curtin and terrific, high contrast pen and ink design work by Doug Wildey. As an animator and long time JQ junkie, I had always wanted a set of Jonny Quest action figures but, due to high production costs, the show only lasted one season; not long enough to spawn any kind of serious toys or other merchandising tie-ins. So, almost 50 years later, I made my own. Here is my Valentine to one of the coolest, if not THE coolest, cartoons ever to spin up the imagination of a 53 year old man now going on six. Enjoy!

(You Bent My Wookie)


So many films predict what our future will be like. What if it was all true? The above inforgraphic portrays the future of the human race, according to the movies. Oops, world ends in 2012, but assuming that doesn’t happen, this shows what we can expect. Make sure you click it to embiggen, also, spoiler warning. For the movies aaaand the future. (Geek Tyrant)


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