It’s been a rough road for The Wolverine thus far. Just when it seemed like Darren Aronofsky would take the project, he bowed it. Now we have James Mangold (director of Walk the Line), a not ideal but still very acceptable choice, at the helm. Though the director swapping was frustrating, there was at least a stable script, written by Academy Award-winning The Usual Suspects writing Christopher McQuarrie. So we had that going for us, right? Well…

Now that shooting on the flick – based largely on the Wolverine miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller that sends the clawed hero to Japan – has been pushed back to 2012, writer Mark Bomback has been called in to give the script a rewrite.

Why? Don’t know. Rumor has it that McQuarrie’s script was quite good (and given his past record, that doesn’t seem far fetched at all), and now we’ve got the guy who worked on the Total Recall remake and Jack the Giant Killer taking a stab at things. It’s far from dooming news for the flick, but it remains a little puzzling.

There’s no real word at this point on just how much Bomback will be doing to the script, whether he’s just tweaking or overhauling. Right now all we can do is wait for more word and try not to lose hope in this picture just yet.

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