Ever since Joseph Gordon-Levitt was cast as beat cop John Blake in Christopher Nolan‘s final Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, there has been rumors that he’ll actually be “the boy wonder” Robin. There has been ton of speculation on the web about this and now we have more to add to the rumor mill. Now, this does come from a source in Pittsburgh, who has already provided some reliable info on the films production, saying that Gordon-Levitt could actually end up playing Robin in the film.

This rumor comes from a secondhand source named Rayne so it’s pretty much a “I heard it from a friend of a friend” type of tale. This Rayne however created a thread on SHH to share the what he heard, which was taken down later taken down. Maybe there could be some truth in all of this, but it’s still just a BIG rumor.

Hi all. PLEASE take this as rumor. I’m simply going to relay the story as it was told to me.

So I started a new job in downtown Pittsburgh on Monday near Smithfield St. For those that know Pittsburgh, they filmed here and on Cherry Way, which I have a view of from my office window. At the corner of Smithfield & the Blvd of the Allies, there is a small comic shop.

I went in for the first time yesterday and started talking to the guy who runs it, and he was telling me about some of the crew who came into the shop. This is what he told me:

He said that a weapons prop crew member was in the shop talking about the filming, and said that ROBIN WAS BEING INTRODUCED IN THIS FILM.


I asked him who he said would be playing him, and he said, “The dark-haired guy from 3rd Rock From the Sun.”

That, of course, is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I pressed him for more details and he said that Bruce Wayne will “retire” as Batman, and that JGL will take up his cause as Robin. He did not say if this was mid-film (meaning Batman would return, making sense so far from what we know) or if this is how the film would end.

Now, this comic shop manager didn’t seem to know much about the filming…he didn’t even know who JGL was. I asked him if Robin would be in full costume, and he said that he would be in full costume “in the next film”. We know that Nolan doing another Bat-film is pretty much not going to happen. So PLEASE take this with a grain of salt, as he could’ve easily been confused or mislead (perhaps intentionally). Don’t shoot the messenger.

That all being said, this would be fairly Nolan-esque; mislead us all about JGL’s non-DC character, all the while revamping Robin’s origin as a police officer turned vigilante sidekick. Perhaps his parents are killed at the Gotham Rogues game? And this could be why he’s seemingly assisting Batman in scenes so far? And perhaps all of the Bane/Catwoman/Batwing leaks are to conceal bigger turns in the story, namely Talia & Ra’s & Robin?

Again, don’t shoot the messenger, but I thought this was info worth sharing!

So having a Robin alongside Batman would be a fantasic way to end the trilogy, but what about the Batcave? Since the first of the Nolan Batman movies we’ve seen the evolution of the Batcave, with Batman Begins and the cave’s beginning to the secondary base in The Dark Knight. Now people want to know what the finished Batcave will look like and we may finally have that answer.

Like the JGL/Robin news this is only a rumor right now, but this sure looks like a place Bruce Wayne would hide all of his bat-related toys. Now it’s already been confirmed that the Batcave will be in the movie, and that some of the scenes would be shot in the Turda Salt Mines in Romania, which is where these photos were taken. They’re even building a set on the Warner Bros. studio lot so this is the new Batcave it’s a fucking sweet cave to have for a rich businessman/crime fighter. What do you think?


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