MODOK would apologize for having t0o much fun at Dragon Con and not posting MODOK’s Adventures in a timely manner, except for the simple fact that


Saturday was full of great fun starting with the Dragon Con Parade. The folks over at posted a great video of the parade that captured the festival atmosphere of the parade.


 Saturday evening was a costume bonanza in the hotel lobbies. The gender switch costumes are big this year with plenty of great female Han Solo and male Disney Princesses.





Then it happened . . . MODOK found his minions and there was great rejoicing and much picture taking.

A.I.M. Scientist Soldiers!

These guys were great fun and a big hit for those walking around the hotel lobbies. There are a ton more pictures to post as well as a treasure trove from a friends shots. Once the Con is over and MODOK has a chance to breath MODOK will post a couple of galleries of the best, funniest, and most creative costumes.

MODOK needs rest now. There’s a panel that MODOK will have to line up for around 7AM to make sure MODOK gets in.


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