‘Doctor Who’ Theme – Now with Trockacapella Lyrics

I’m just gonna let Frabjousfilms speak for himself about this video with his comments he left on the YouTube: 

EDIT: Wow! Thanks to everybody for your lovely, lovely comments! Thanks especially to you, Steven Moffat- you make my day EVERY day. (Incidentally, if there’s ever an episode where the Doctor fights an alien who sings in four-part harmony, hit me up! I’m an actor!)

You’re all wonderful, and make me all warm and fuzzy inside. Doctor Who fandom is by far the best group of television fanatics anybody could be a part of. Keep an eye out for more of these!

I was so pumped for Let’s Kill Hitler on August 27th that I just had to sing! The lyrics are comprised of some of my favorite Doctor-isms from Nine, Ten and Eleven. Apologies for my lame construction paper bow-tie and fez.

Via: ToplessRobot 

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