A lot of new footage has begun making it’s way online since the Blu-ray versions of the entire Star Wars saga was announced. Included in this new footage is, of course, some deleted scenes or alternative takes. One of these deleted scenes in another version of Han and Leia’s snarky exchange before they evacuate Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. In the film we can tell it’s classic “oh, they secretly like each other banter,” but in this version the sexual tension literally radiates off the screen! Also, Han could have come off as a way bigger jerk, but still just as sexy.

Watch this alternative version below and let us know which you prefer.

If this wasn’t enough new Harrison Ford for one day we’ve also come upon some rare footage from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Here’s the story about this clip, apparently Steven Spielberg was planning a practical joke for Ford, and in the scene where Indiana is kidnapped by the Thuggee, Speilberg launched his surprise. In that scene, Indiana was to be whipped by a dominatrix, who also happened to be a certain famous singer. Then, the rumor has it Carrie Fisher and Irvin Kershner showed up. I don’t know, sounds like a very strange and kinky prank, Spielberg.

You can watch this unfortunately terrible quality footage of the shenanigins, but take solace in the fact this long rumored prank did actually occur. And that’s sort of fabulous.

Sources: The Mary Sue, /Film

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