Nerd Bastards attended Dragon*Con this weekend in an attempt to share a taste with you, dear readers, of what the yearly celebration that literally consumes downtown Atlanta is all about. You’ve already kept up with MODOK’s Adventures at Dragon*Con ( and parts 2, 3, 4, and 5) and look for my, Tips and Tricks for a Dragon*Con n00b and GO TEAM VENTURE! The ‘Venture Bros’ Costume Contest at Dragon*C0n 2011 to be forthcoming (once this case of con crud passes, don’t share drinks, big rookie mistake).

So what is, Dragon*Con? It’s hard to explain in so many words, but it’s a celebration of the fans by the fans, and most noticeably, the amazing costumers (and, maybe the crazy antics of over 30,000 drunken nerds). Cosplay isn’t just big at Dragon*Con, it basically, IS the con.

In this amassed collection of cosplay you’ll see everything from the incredible to the hilarious. Presenting our cosplay feast, for these costumes are truly a feast for the eyes.

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