If you’re like me, one of the Star Wars masses that is pissed about the changes included in George LucasStar Wars Blu-ray collection, then you might want to skip this article or risk going into another nerd rage.

Normally directors don’t screw with the special effects of a movie unless it needs to be done, especially when the movie has been out since 1977. You’d think John Dykstra, who won both an Oscar and an MPAA scientific and engineering award in 1978 for his work on Star Wars, would be a bit then pissed about George re-doing his work?

Actually… he’s OK with it.

MovieWeb quoted Dykstra as saying

“God love him! He should tweak it until his heart’s content. You never finish a movie. It is always pried from your grasping hands. There is always something you can fix.”

This movie by George to change portions of his series yet again has resulted in quite a bit of nerd rage in the last weeks. With nerds everywhere wanting to jam a lightsaber in George’s 2 meter wide exhaust port it’s nice to see a few people actually defending the man. Every film could be better if it had more time or a bigger budget and Lucas is doing just that…even if he has to walk over his fan base to do it.

It still seems fishy that Dykstra would be so kind to Lucas after the bad blood the two had though; according to Wikipedia, the two had a legal dispute after Dykstra began to work on the first Battlestar Galactica series. Later, “[Dykstra’s] fledgling visual effects house, Apogee, Inc., consisted of several ILM employees who did not want to relocate to San Francisco from Van Nuys, and used whatever equipment Lucas had left behind. Lucas attempted to get an injunction against Apogee to prevent the company from using what he considered to be his equipment to work on a project that was in direct competition to the Star Wars films.”

The man tries to bury your fledgling company and you still praise what he’s doing. Smells like Dykstra got tempted by the dark side of the force to me.

As for if this changes will make the series better (or worse) we’ll have to wait and see the Blu-Ray version of the Star Wars saga when it’s released on September 16, 2011.

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