If there’s one thing the Chinese do bigger then weapons and MSG loaded food, it’s their buildings.

The planned Comics and Animation Museum in Hangzhou, China recently announced the winner of its design contest. The honor went to a MVRDV, a Netherlands-based architecture. At an estimated $125 million dollars, this interlocking structure will be an homage to all things print and animation.  The unique design consists of eight buildings, each being shaped like comic book word balloon.  Text images can be projected on to the exterior making them “speak”. I give them a day before someone texts something dirty for the children to be shielded from.

According to Comics Alliance, “Hangzhou currently hosts the annual China International Comic and Animation Festival (CICAF), the largest such festival in the country.” The new comics and animation museum will allow visitors to read comics and watch animation in its library. It will also house three movie theaters (Including one IMAX) that can display films and host film festivals.

Check out this virtual tour of the new building after the jump.

A room with nothing but anime, theaters, game space and a lake tour. Looks like nerdvana to me.

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