I’m about as excited for the Star Wars saga Blu-ray set (released on Sept. 16) as I am in getting my dick slammed in a sliding glass door (which, if I need to specify, I’m NEVER excited for). I refuse to give George Lucas any more money until he releases the holy trinity…unedited, un-enhanced, un-tainted. With that said, I realize many of you have been waiting a long time for the saga to be released on Blu-ray. You’ll buy it and not give a shit about CGI Yoda, or the newly dubbed “NOOOOO!” by Vader, or the loads of other minor tweaks. Buy at your hearts content. I’m not stopping you. I know you just HAVE TO HAVE IT. Hell, if I hadn’t known about the edits and had I seen the Star Wars Blu-ray ads (which you can watch) below, I’d be right there with you.

Seriously, these are some spiffy spots. I spew specious hate for Lucas any chance I get, but I gotta hand it to the editing team. These commercials will surely get any Lucas hater pumped for the Wars, I know I was. It’s just such a goddamn shame this set includes EVERYTHING and more of Lucas’s delusional tinkering. Fucking A, why couldn’t gizzard neck just slip the original, untouched, wars into the set? Asshole!



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