Aw, man, the new season of The Walking Dead is almost here! Can you feel the undead excitement? We’ve suffered for a whole year, but come October 16th we finally find out where the survivors go after the CDC. And, ooooh! Is that Herschel’d farm I spy in the above poster? I think it is!

So, The Walking Dead has had it’s ups and downs during this year they’ve been off the air. Frank Darabont is gone, but we’ve been promised he’s left his creative mark all over the first half of the second season. We’ve also been promised by new showrunner, Glen Mazzaro, he won’t fuck it up. We’ll just have to see how this season goes. Again, it’ll be split into two parts with six episodes beginning in October and another six following in February.

Below, watch a new little teaser, and a little lower, a nice, full version of the new teaser poster.

It looks like this season will be discussing Rick’s place as a leader, father, husband; y’know all the juicy drama the comic book already offered hopefully without distractions like random racist character and random abusive husband character. Or, random trip to the CDC to explain how people become zombies even though this tidbit was kept shrouded in secrecy for much of the book, really playing up the drama of killing a recenlty turned loved one. This became an especially heated topic at, oh where? Herschel’s farm. I don’t know, sometimes you wonder about the changes made when a story is adapted into another medium.

Anyway, The Walking Dead returns with a two hour premiere in a little over four weeks, who else it effin’ pumped!?

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