If you never caught the 1984 comedy classic in theatres either when it was originally released (What was wrong with you!?) or at a more recent, special screening (What is wrong with you!?) you’re in luck. Ghostbusters is to be re-released theatrically this October. Unfortunately we have few details about the when’s and where’s.

Here’s the announcement from the film’s official Facebook page,

Alright, Ghostbusters fans. It’s time to get your cats and dogs together and prepare for mass hysteria: This October, for the first time in over 25 years, the original and unforgettable Ghostbusters makes its triumphant return to theaters!

Whoo! Yeah! But I want more info.

I’m betting this is happening in order to drum up support for the planned Ghostbusters 3, which is in a constantly shifting state of “will it” or “won’t it” happen.

But for right now who cares about another sequel, I can’t wait for the original Ghostbusters to be back in theatres! At least then I know I’m getting my money’s worth. Now we hope for it be a wide release and not one of these limited to only New York and Los Angeles, bullshit releases.

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