The Evil Dead franchise has always had the “splatstick” style direction of Sam Raimi and the face of Ash himself, Bruce Campbell. Two people that not only crafted the young minds of the generation, but also crafted one of the single best indy projects of it’s time. The upcoming reboot however, will be without these two legends. *cue the sad violin*.

With first-time big screen director Fede Alvarez working with a script by Diablo Cody everything seems to be a 50/50 thing right now. Actually, make that 70/30. Apparently, this reboot will have NO ASH CHARACTER. *dun dun dun*’

In response to questions about the actor playing Ash, Campbell said via his Twitter page today,

The latest statement from Bruce was in fact,

No Ash and this Evil Dead is going to be a re-telling?! Someone get the Necronomicon and say those oh so familiar words (properly please) to change all of this frightening news. If there’s no Ash then can this even be considered an Evil Dead movie?

Sure, it’s nice to see that they want to try and recapture the energy and spirit of the original film, but in all honesty the originals are a franchise all their own. Being that the name is still “Evil Dead” it’s going to be presumed that the Necronomicon is involved, and that means a new assortment of deadites opposing and killing most of the characters before film’s end. Could one of these hapless characters emerge as an Ash for the next generation?

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