Does Zack Snyder have the moxie to make a Superman movie worth a damn? We wont know until the flick is signed, sealed and delivered, but whether the Internet likes it or not, he’s on the right track. Production is well under way and there’s virtually nothing for anyone to complain about. Er… OK, the lack of red undies on Supe’s suit was a Superclusterfuck. But that’s it! Brilliant choices in casting; Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, Amy Adams as intrepid reporter Lois Lane,  Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Ma and Pa Kent, Micheal Shannon as General Zod.  Beyond that, I think the set photos, especially the ones released today, speak volumes to the non-stop wise decisions Snyder has made. It’s all adding up to mean the promise of a successful, cinematic reboot.

So…as mentioned earlier we have a new batch of set photos to gander at. Good ones too.

For starters, we have a few pics of Michael Shannon with a production assistants head up his ass (as seen above), whilst wearing a black, Superman style, Kryptonian suit. If the suit wasn’t menacing enough, check out Michael rocking the Zod style chin beard, it screams villain.


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Henry Cavill he’s already been seen as the titled “Man of Steel”, but what about that nerdy alter ego Clark Kent? As you can see from the shot above, he’s riding a bike around Metropolis…without his trademark glasses. Zack better have something brilliant up his sleeve to cover this, or Clark is going to have no way to signal his X-ray vision in “disguise”.

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Finally, as viewers of the classic Superman 2 will know, Zod and Superman have themselves quite a rumble in the urban jungle that is Metropolis. More importantly that fight takes place in front of the Daily Planet, Lois and Clark’s place of business. Nobody has seen anything of the fictional newspaper company until this description of a scene thanks to Comic Book Movie:

“Filming of Metropolis scene outside the Hyatt. Reported that Amy Adams [Lois Lane] and Laurence Fishburne [Perry White] were on set. Extras were running, papers and cases were blowing all over, then people stop and look up.”

Here are pictures from the set that show off the Daily Planet and the streets of the fabled city thanks to io9. Nothing of any real excitement is actually being film at the time but it’s nice to see actual set pieces like the Daily Planet globe and Metropolis police cruisers on the street.

Via: Geek Tyrant


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