Good news citizens! The scumbag thief who stole Superman comics and memorabilia from Mike Myers has been caught. KMOV in St Louis has reported that Gerry Arville Armbruster, suspected of being “Gary”, the guy who “befriended” Mike Myer, a mentally challenged man who loves Superman, and stealing a crap-load of Mike’s Superman stuff, has been arrested by Illinois police.

The arrest came after another robbery of a 76 year old man who was attacked and had his jewelry and money stolen in Granite City, after the suspect conned his way into a cleaning job. The two crimes were linked due to the suspect’s description, and the Superman comics and memorabilia was not only recovered but has been returned to Mike Meyer, their owner.

As the news of Mike Meyer’s original loss was reported across the comics industry, a hoard of fellow collectors and professionals gathered replacement Superman items that included hundreds of comics, original artwork, and memorabilia. 

With his original collection returned, Meyer intends to give the comics donated to him to a charity such as a children’s hospital, according to St Louis Today:

As for his Superman collection, Meyer now has close to double what he had lost. Smith has about 40 more items ready to be delivered, and dozens more have been promised. Meyer said he wants to take the donations and give them to charity, possibly delivering them to a children’s hospital.

“People were generous to me; this is how I can be generous in return,” he said.

NerdBastards loves a good ending, thanks should go out to all involved, with a special thanks going to the police department in Granite City.

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