Sigourney Weaver is a woman of pop culture. Being a part some of the best Sci-Fi classics of all time, she has cemented herself as an OG of Bad-Ass Babes. So…when she speaks, we listen. In a recent interview with the actress drops brief updates on Avatar 2 and Ghostbusters 3, 2 highly-anticipated franchise sequels.

In Avatar, Weaver’s character dies. Well, apparently, in James Cameron’s world…dead isn’t dead. Weaver revealed that she’ll indeed be back:

“Don’t worry, I will be back,” she said of Avatar 2, confirming the hint that she dropped nearly a year ago, Jim [Cameron] says no one ever dies in science fiction. He’s told me the stories for the next two movies and I have to say that they’re absolutely wonderful and there’s a real treat in store. Now we just have to make them.”

The first film left such a small impression on me that I could really care less about this news. ‘Sigourney Weaver as Eywa’. Whatever.

Ghostbusters founder, Dan Aykroyd has been assuring fans that 3rd film will be delivered. Weaver doesn’t sound as certain:

“I have yet to read the script,” she said, “I’ve had a couple of calls and I know they’re rewriting and all I said was that I hope my son, Oscar, has grown up to be a Ghostbuster and Ivan Reitman said yes. Beyond that, I have no idea. I hope it comes together, but we already did two wonderful films and, if we have to let this one go, that’s fine.”
Adding to that info, Weaver suggested to Cinemablend that Bill Murray’s character Peter Venkman is a ghost in Ghostbusters 3:

Well I guess Peter Venkman is dead. Dana without… I guess his spectre always was with her, whether she liked it or not.

With Bill Murray’s total lack of interest in Ghostbusters 3, he might as well be dead.


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