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Do the constant alterations to Star Wars bug the crap out of you? Conan O’Brian finds even more infuriating changes to our beloved saga! (Geeks of Doom)



Recently announced, and now available R2-D2 version of the game, Operation. Have care though, don’t take any of your Lucasfilm related nerd rage out on a poor, innocent droid. (Nerd Approved)


Whoa. This is a life-sized Batman created out of about 15,000 and 20,000 LEGO bricks. The thirteen year old creator, Evan Bacon lost count after some time. Well, no shit! That’s a lot of LEGOs. (Nerd Approved)


An adorable 7-year old adorably reviews Justice League #1. I think the girl knows what she’s talking about, you should definitely pick it up if you haven’t already. (Comics Alliance)


Did you know Justin Timberlake secretly cosplayed at Comic Con? Yup, as Ernie, of Bert and Ernie, from Sesame Street. Hey, the more you know…yadda, yadda, yadda. (Comics Alliance)


In honor of Peter Dinklage’s Emmy win, why not shell out for a tee for the good ole’ Fightin’ Imps! They’re a tough bunch. (Fashionably Geek)


Mmmmm….brains. Delicious gummy brains. Available at a confectioner near you, but more likely in stock over here. (TDW: Geek)


Child’s Halloween costume, you’re doing it right. Also, observe the Emo/Goth/Hipster of tomorrow! (Fashionably Geek)


Clearly, someone might have fallen on hard times after making some incendiary comments about which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars. (The Mary Sue)


Another splendid supercut, this one of over 20 instances of sexually inappropriate slip-ups in cartoons intended for kids. Whoops. (TDW)


I know we’ve been beating you over the head with all this talk about the changes in Star Wars, but guess what? We’re going to talk about it some more! Like, did you know they’ve actually been altering the films since the first Star Wars released in 1977?! Also, make sure you click to embiggen this thang. (/Film)


I swear this is the last bit about Star Wars today in Nerdy Bits. But this is cool, man, they turned the BT Tower in London into a giant lightsaber! (TDW : Geek)


All glory to the one, the only, remote control. A demi-god of our modern age of convenience. Check out this sweet infographic to learn how it all came to be and where it’s going next. Clicky-clicky. (Geek Tyrant)


When you play Portal, you’re learning, apparently And now, because of the education capabilities of the awesome game you can download it for FREE. That’s right, free of charge. Head on over to the Steam site now to get portal-ing! (Geeks of Doom)


To learn some awesome (fake) spoilers about The Avengers, just give a watch to story time with Clark Gregg as he share some wonderfully (fake) spoilers from the set. (Comics Alliance)


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