Tom Selleck’s mustache has had a great career. Magnum P.I, Three Men and a Baby, Runaway, Quigley Down Under and, lets not forget a little gem called Three Men and a Little Lady. Hell, we could be here all day if I listed off every great movie that little lady pleasing cookie duster has been in.

Imagine if you will Hollywood’s greatest nose neighbor in more roles. Free from the body that turned down Raiders of the Lost Ark to stay on TV. (the internet rumor I just started says that the mustache had the deal signed, but Tom Selleck ruined it in the end) Ever wonder what a few classics would be like with a little more ‘stache?

Wonder no more. YouTube user Buchan39, who we can assume has the awesome power to record videos from alternate, more awesome universes, has made this montage.

That we can watch, after the jump:

Is your life not better after seeing that? Hey, I’m  just glad I got to post my 2nd Tom Selleck related post in less than a week!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to put on my Detroit Tigers hat and Hawaiian shirt can call my wife “Higgins” till she gets so made she makes me sleep in my Chevy Impala… I mean Ferrari.


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