The Sweet Science of Superhero Costume Colors

Consider the above image for a moment. Why is Batman about to don a clearly pink costume? (He has seemingly intimidated his faithful ward in seeing it as being red. Tell me, how many lights do you see, Robin?) Does Bats need a reason? Maybe, but he is the GD Batman and you don’t question him. He clearly knows the sweet science of superhero costume colors.

The fine folks over at have created this handy infographic; The Colors of Good vs. Evil: Comic Book Color Palettes.

Want to know the difference between the pallets used by DC Comics and Marvel? It’s in there.

Have you ever wondered what your favorite superheros costume says about them? It contains your answer.

Are you a reluctant, nature based, mostly neutral hero that is awesome at everything except for figuring out what color your costume should be? Then look no further (and maybe get the dosage on your meds checked.)

It’s honkin big and colorful, so the full infographic is after the jump.

Told you it was big. So if you made it down to this part, you my friend can now take part in a special extra-double feature thing that I may or may not use at a later date.

Who’s has the best costume in comics today? Who has the worst? Leave your responses in the comments below. I’ve got the strangest craving for skittles now.

Taste the rainbow.




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