Documentary: Magic the Gathering – A Professional Tournament

(Ladies please, there’s plenty of me to go around)

 Players of the famous Magic The Gathering card game spend coupious amounts of time and cash to create the perfect deck of cards. All for a chance to win cash prizes and “fame”, if you can call it that.

Like any sort of organized sport *snicker*, you’re not going to be respected until you have a documentary about the happenings between players and the impact it has on them.

Thankfully, two brave nerds, and fellow Magic The Gathering players, took it upon themselves to make such a documentary. Covering the “professional” tournament held from Sept. 2-4, 2011 in philadelphia, PA, Nathan Holt, his brother Ben, and friend Shawn Kornhauser filmed this weekend sausage fest.

Seriously! I didn’t see a single female player on the convention floor, somebody must have cast their cockblock card that weekend.

Regardless, this is a fan-effing-tastic short doc. It’s really fun to watch, even if you’re not a aren’t a Magic nerd.

Special thanks nerdbastards fan, Beth Kellner who found this gem of a video. Infinity fairies indeed.

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