Universal Studios is currently working on a new version of Scarface. This will be the third one. Seriously?

The original Scarface movie, based on the life of Al Capone, was produced by Howard Hughes in 1932. The next one, released in 1983, had Al Pacino take on the role of a Cuban immigrant making a name for himself in Miami coke circles.

Universal Studios doesn’t plan to remake any of the past two films, or to create a sequel… Apparently they’re going to take the fundamental bits of the other films and integrate them into a new movie. Basically, Hollywood is out of original ideas and is scrounging around for things to do and gang movies are always a hit. I hope my sarcasm hit you in the face.

Martin Bregman, who was a producer on the second film, is on board for the “new” film along with Marc Shmugar. A script hasn’t been written, yet, but the studio’s apparently meeting with writers to get this shit started. I wish they wouldn’t.

Source: Collider

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