Introducing Kung Fu Kintae

I get sent loads of video suggestions on a daily basis. Usually it’s stuff we’ve already covered, but mostly it’s eye twitching, un-topical, dumb shit from self whoring hacks. Every so often however, I’ll get sent a real gem. Such as the case with the new animated series Kung Fu Kintae.

After doing animation for YouTube artists, Aniboom, and Boondocks Bootleg, E.A. Gray has created his own animated series called Kung Fu Kintae. Launched this year, the Kung Fu Kintae series focuses on the comedic title character and his work protecting the DMV area as an agent for the Kung Fu Agency.

It’s extremely cheesy, yet amazingly fresh and hilarious. I think it would play well to the late night Cartoon Network stoner club.

Check out the first 3 episodes and let me know if it has potential, or if I am just too easily amused.

You can learn more about Kung Fu Kintae at

Special Thanks to Shari Baldie for sending this to my inbox

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