Kick-Ass 2, Not Bloody Likely

You got to hand it to Mark Miller, much like the title character in Kick-Ass, he doesn’t when to just stay down and wait for the beating to stop. Not soon after the release of the movie based on the comic of the same name, sequel chatter started.

One year later, talk is about all there has been and it doesn’t look very promising. Speaking to the LA Times, Miller finally sounds like he’s coming to grips with the (rather large) chance the movie won’t see the light of day.

“The thing about the first movie is that it kind of exploded all our careers. People forget, but this was a $28-million indie movie made in the UK. It grossed $100 million at theaters and made the same again and more on DVD and Blu-ray and got amazing reviews. So everybody involved suddenly got hired for a million different things, and re-forming the band again would be impossible.”

Write and Director Matthew Vaughn and writer Jane Goldman have moved on to bigger (as in budget) and better (as in actually going to happen) projects. Miller is also well aware that time is a factor, the original cast was young and in a few years, they just won’t fit the tights or the roles. Personally, I will feel better about myself when Chloë Grace Moretz (Hit Girl) turns 18, but the movie needs her to be young.

“There’s a window because the actors are all supposed to be in high school and if this came out after 2013, for example, that window would have closed,” he said. “I obviously know more than I can say, but I think people will be pretty happy with the conversations we’ve been having.”

Read that last sentence again. Damn it Miller, you’re still hopeful aren’t you? He says that he expects Vaughn to produce and at the very least have something to with the writing. Still, it is nice to see he is at least admitting the project might never happen and if it does, it will be an uphill battle.

If there is one lesson that the movie taught us, its that some days the under dogs do finally win in the end. Maybe Kick-Ass 2 has a chance? A little bit of luck and proverbial jet pack with chain guns my come his way yet.

Source: Hero Complex and /Film


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