Yesterday NerdBastards showed you the musical Dexter love tribute of Adam Ben Ezra, Today we move on to the animated talents of Ty Mattson. Drawing inspiration from Saul Bass, Ty worked up this animated treat between waiting for the new season and watching reruns. 

Ty says:

“The poster series that I created for Dexter was inspired by mid-century modern design and particularly the work of Saul Bass — who developed both static graphics as well as animated title sequences. I collaborated with my friends at Fashion Buddha to create an alternative title sequence for Dexter using the artwork that I developed for the posters. This is what I imagine the Dexter title sequence might look like if the show had aired in the ’60s.”

Imagine what kind of Television we would be watching now if shows like Dexter were created back in the 60’s. Would “I Love Lucy” be more of a Sopranos type mob show? Pick an old 60’s television show and tell us how you would modern it up with one of your favorite shows of today.





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