Season Premiere of Community Features Dr. Who (sorta)

Last night a bright spot returned to the vacuous wasteland that is network TV. Community had its season premiere! Since the big 4 networks are beating the cash cow that is ‘reality’ TV it’s nice to see something as witty and wild as Joel McHale and the gang move into it’s 3rd season and still going strong. If you are not watching this show, I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you.

If you do watch the show, then you watched it last night, know exactly what I am talking about, and can skip ahead to the clip and relive a fond TV memory.

Rather than give a few synopsis of the episode, let’s dig down to the nerdcore and get to why we are here.

Abed needed a new favorite TV show, and it came in the form of a rather familiar looking one from England.

(video, after the jump)

Oh the adventure! I remember as a child playing Inspector Spacetime. “Eradicate, Eradicate…” little Jimmy Knobs from down the street, wearing a trashbin and pretending to be a Blogon. Then we’d both pop over to the chemist, you could get a fine spotted dick for a ha’penny back then.

Those were good times.

Random props to some random Johnny on the spot internet business tycoon. You can buy your very own Inspector Spacetime shirt here.

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