It may seem silly how much we fans gripe about the costumes our heroes wear. I mean, look at all the outrage Wonder Woman’s recent costume changes caused. But what these characters wear is an important part of their appeal, it’s how we identify them. Who would Batman be without cape and cowl? Is Spider-Man the same if you can see his face?

So when the first images of Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises were released and she was only in a generic, skin tight, leather body suit, well, it was a little underwhelming. We all thought Anne Hathaway looked damn fine, but it didn’t feel like Catwoman. There wasn’t anything cat-like to the costume at all.

Then Ms. Hathaway shot us all down telling us we’d only seen a fraction of what the suit can do. And the pictures released today prove that, those nifty goggles do become cat ears. Hooray! She is Catwoman. Now I can no longer bitch and moan about not seeing anything catty on her costume and we can get back to what’s important. How damn fine she looks in the skin tight, leather cat suit. Mrowr!

Check out the gallery below for our first glimpse of the complete Catwoman suit.

There’s also a bit of video which might reveal some hints into the Bat/Cat relationship in Christopher Nolan‘s finale. At about the 25 second mark you’ll see Batman hug Catwoman before he runs off into the Batwing, so maybe they’re not at odds in this film like we originally thought. Of course, after the titillating ending of this week’s Catwoman #1, I think the movie has a lot to live up to.

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