Last month it was reported, much to the chagrin of Sci-Fi fans everywhere, that Ridley Scott was going to direct another Blade Runner film.  While most nerds adore Scott, I don’t think there has been a great desire for a Blade Runner prequel, sequel, or reboot (especially a reboot). Can’t we just leave one pure and perfect piece of cinema alone without having to revisit it? Regardless, another Blade Runner in our lifetimes! Who would’ve thunk?

Today it’s being reported that the film is a handshake away from securing screenwriter Scott Burns  – writer of Contagion and The Bourne Ultimatum. He is the top choice to write the picture by both Scott himself, his producers at Alcon and the project’s backers at Warner Brothers. All parties are now involved in active talks to make it happen.

Eh, I guess  if you are going to make a completely unnecessary and pointless sequel to one of the best movies ever made…. this is how you do it.

Not much is known about the story or the exact nature of the new Blade Runner. Will it be a sequel, a prequel or something more akin to a tangential project ala “Prometheus” ? Will Harrison Ford be back? Will we have a hard answer on whether or not Deckard was a replicant? Ridley Scott will most likely croak before we find out.

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