Joe Cornish directed Attack the Block, one of the most genre bending, original Sci-Fi action films of the last 10 years. Anyway, while doing press for the Blu-ray and DVD release (Oct. 25th), Cornish talked a bit about his Halo script and the status of the Antman movie. Best of all, he fantasies about filming an adaptation of old-school arcade game ‘Rolling Thunder’. He joked on how he’d shoot it all from one angle, scrolling from left-to-right sounds. Hehe, what an awesome idea.

I still have no clue why we don’t have a Halo movie yet. Someone needs to throw their hat over the wall and make it happen. In response to Ant-Man, he’s a second tier character. A super hero who can shrink to the size of ant and communicate with them telepathically; often seen hanging out with The Avengers. He’s not, per say, a comic book hero that could accepted by a wide audience. However, fans see the potential of Ant-man and so do Joe Carnish and Edgar Wright. These are two fan-boys that are very enthusiastic about the adventures of Hank Pym. I’m fascinated with that these two cinematic genius’s can do with the character. Much like Ant-Man , this director/writing team can reach places other men can’t.


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