Starting on October 3rd, during the building anticipation of The Walking Dead‘s second season, AMC will begin airing a six-part webseries chronicling the life of “Bicycle Girl” before Rick Grimes shot her in the face. Hannah, he name pre-zombification, became one of the show’s most famous “walkers” and her life up until her undeath will make a perfect appetizer before the feast on October 16th.

The series following Hannah’s struggle to survive is being “produced by Generate, conceived and directed by The Walking Dead Co-Executive Producer Greg Nicotero with teleplay by John Esposito.” All six of the webisodes will debut online at on October 3rd, 2pm eastern time.

In addition to this sweet little webseries, AMC has also released yet another trailer to keep you hopped up on The Walking Dead until it’s return October 16th. What dealers, never leaving you without a fix for long.

All right, much of this trailer has been seen before in other trailers. Why, AMC, why must you tease us so!

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