Sexy Super Spys with Kickin’ Afros

Forget Tom Cruise, let’s get some Super Sexy Afro Sporting Spies into the game. This NerdBastard doesn’t know a lick of French besides those fabulous fries the French make. What can be gathered with such little knowledge of the French language is that BlackLight Movies is making a super slick Heist movie with all the explosions, big hairdos, and Karate moves that any action movie fan could hope for.  

No clue on the release date or even if we in the US of A will get a chance to see this in theaters or be regulated to the DVD buy or torrent download.

Am I alone in thinking this could be made into a great video game?

SOUL MAN™ Teaser 2 Guillaume Ivernel (Blacklight Movies) from Blacklight Movies on Vimeo.




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