So that’s the cover of Entertainment Weekly hitting newstands on September 30th.




This is the best they can do for a cover?

Was it take your kid to work day when this cover was made?

Wait, maybe the cover-designer’s dog ate the really professional cover with only five minutes left before press time.

Really though, this looks like a fourth grade art class project gone horribly wrong. You know the type, cut out pictures from magazines and paste them on a big poster board. Gotta give them credit for cutting so close to the characters without cutting off an ear I guess.

Poor Mark Ruffalo sitting in the lower right corner. What is with that haircut? Do super smart scientists not believe in hair gel? He looks more like the new Wolverine than Bruce Banner. Everyone else is in costume and easily recognizable to the general masses, except for that wild haired, suit wearing, “serious guy” face.

Google “Avengers Movie” and click on images. Scan through the THOUSANDS of fan made posters of the cast and if you can’t pick out five, in the first five minutes, that blow this pathetic magazine cover out of the water, this NerdBastard will buy the magazine and eat it, page by page.

I could hardly get past this cover to check out the story inside. The gist is that the cast is one big happy family enjoying making this movie and *GASP* Josh Whedon loves to dance. I am glad to see that the quality of the cover had NO effect on the quality of the actual story. The quote EW is using to sell this issue on the Avengers movie is Whedon saying:

“There is a weird element of: they handed me one of the biggest movies of all time, and I’m making it up as I go.”

Now with most movies this quote would not engender any faith in the movie’s production and final cut. The only saving grace is that Josh Whedon said it, and he’s got a habit of cranking out some pretty good projects in the past.



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