A ‘Star Wars’ Music Double Shot For Your Friday

If there is one thing that kicks off the weekend here at the International Nerd Bastards Inc. World Publishing Headquarters and Waffle House, it’s fresh Star Wars related music. A second thing would be MORE Star Wars related music!

Want Chewbacca Gangsta Rap? You got it! The coolest rendition of the Imperial March played on out dated technology you will see? We’ve got that for you too, right after the Jump.

Why has it taken the music industry this long to combine Gangasta Rap with everyone’s favorite wookie? Luckily Random Axe is here for us.

You can download Random Axe’s self-titled album here.



Next, combining the power of the greatest storage medium 1993 had to offer with the free time I can only imagine comes from sustained virginity, YouTube user  has paired two old 3½-inch disk drives into one musical instrument that plays the Imperial March:

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