I must admit, when I was researching this article I was hesitant to spoil myself. And I’m really not a girl afraid of spoilers. But I’m so pumped for this week’s Doctor Who finale I was a little worried learning who will be joining River Song (Alex Kingston) at the alter would ruin it for me. Thankfully, I can say it hasn’t. In fact, like most revelations in Doctor Who, I only have more questions and am now more excited for this weekend’s episode!

That being said, the same spoiler warnings apply. If you don’t want to who River Song is marrying this weekend in “The Wedding of River Song”, STOP READING.

All right, can’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Drum roll, please.

According to the good folks at the Press Association, River Song will be marrying, surprise!, the Doctor. Betcha never saw that coming, eh? Here’s a rundown of the nuptials,

Doctor Who moves in for a River snog as he appears to seal his marriage – after hundreds of years of being single.

Viewers will see him apparently become an honest Time Lord as the BBC1 series comes to a climax on Saturday night.

The Doctor (Matt Smith) and River Song (Alex Kingston) lock lips as they appear to tie the knot watched by Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darville).

But as ever, fans will be left wondering to the end whether all is as it seems in an episode which sees time stand still.

The final episode of the sci-fi show draws to a close the story of the Doctor’s date with destiny as he prepares to die on the shores of Lake Silencio. And the identity of the astronaut which rose from the lake in episode one to strike the Doctor down is revealed.

Hmm, interesting, very interesting. Notice it says they “appear to tie the knot,” meaning it might not be explicitly clear they’re getting hitched. I think we all had it figured the Doctor and River must at some point be the closest of companions, but knowing Moffat, what’s the twist? See, I’m not spoiled, if anything I’m even more intrigued!

And if its not River in the astronaut suit, who is!? Agh! Why isn’t it Saturday, yet!?!

What thoughts or theories do you guys have about the season six finale of Doctor Who?

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