Dan Didio, Senior VP/Executive Editor, Co-Publisher and, writer for DC Comics dropped a bombshell on his facebook today.

That loud sucking noise you are hearing is the DCnU losing cabin pressure. The Crisis events ( Crisis on Infinite EarthsZero Hour: Crisis in Time!Identity CrisisInfinite Crisis, and Final Crisis) the big cross-over event tent poles of the DC Universe, have been erased? It’s official folks, Mr. Didio is taking a scorched earth approach to the former continuity.

At the time of this writing the above FB status is all that has been said, but the twitterverse is huge flurry of nerd rage and geek confusion at this moment. (check it out for yourself) The mind truly boggles at the thought of this, without Final Crisis, how do you have Batman RIP? Without without Crisis on Infinite earths, the grand daddy of them all, how do you have ANYTHING? Without Zero Hour, how do you… wait, no that one can be erased, please let’s never think of it again.


Ok, let’s all remain calm and see what happens. Obviously a lot of what the various crisis events contained would be difficult to explain, what with the ‘5 year’ timeline of new DCU and a large number of key characters having major changes or being erased completely.

Is there method to this madness or does this just prove that Dan Didio has a full hate on for everything that DC Comics did before 5 weeks ago?

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