The Rogue Trooper is a character that was created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons in 2000AD. He is a genetically modified soldier, the perfect mix of nature (in this case, where the head of the laboratory is God) and nurture. Rogue carries three sentient computers in the form of his gun, helmet and backpack — they each emulate the personality of deceased soldiers of the past.

Once Grant Morrison is done writing the screenplay for DinoGsaurs Vs Aliens (which already sounds fuckin’ stupid… what the hell is that?), he’ll move on to writing a screenplay for upcoming Rogue Trooper movie.

It looks like Sam Worthington has a good chance of being casted as the lead actor; his company, Full Clip Production, has signed to work on this film. They’ve also done some other movie adaptations of comics, such as Damaged and Last Days of American Crime.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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