The season two premiere of The Walking Dead seems so close, yet still so far away. Sunday, October 16th simply cannot come soon enough. In these final weeks AMC is beginning their final promotional push, on the front lines are these two 30 second promos.

The first video is a super-quick montage of action, promising this season will be scary as hell and full of kick-ass zombie pwnage. The second focuses on the group and their hope for survival. I’m also fairly certain we see some scenes that must be Herschel’s farm.

Whoa. How excited am I to see a zombie take a machete through the skull? Oh so. Everything I’ve seen of season two appears to not only out-scare the first season but the drama between the survivors is going to skyrocket. How close will they remain to the comic this year? Only time will tell, but I know fans of Robert Kirkman‘s work are anxious for one really important plot point to come to fruition. Seriously, how long will they keep him alive!?

Source: /Film

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