This past weekend Leonard Nimoy attended his final Star Trek convention. The show was Creation Entertainment’s Official 45th Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Rosemont, Illinois and for those lucky fans in attendance it must have been a night to remember.

Trek Movie reports Nimoy,

…shared his life story through words, poetry, and pictures. Especially moving were photos of his days as a young man growing up in Boston. He shared many great experiences, discussing how various people, including Senator John F. Kennedy who was a passenger in his cab, had inspired him with their words and deeds.

But even before Nimoy took the stage Creation Entertainment surprised the night’s star as well as the audience with a video presentation from the seven main stars of the 2009’s Star Trek and director J.J. Abrams sending their best wishes to their costar. The best part apparently being, “Karl Urban doing his best Dr. McCoy during his tribute.” We can only hope this video makes its way online soon.

Fittingly, Nimoy ended the panel with his traditional farewell greeting, “Live Long and Prosper.” And we only hope the 80-year old actor goes on doing just that.


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