In about two weeks time we’ll all be huddled in front of our televisions, swinging through the buildings of Gotham or gaping at Catwoman’s ample cleavage. That’s right, Batman: Arkham City is upon us. Never before have I been so anxious to get my hands on a video game’s sequel. Arkham Asylum was perfect, in both it’s game play and mechanics, as well as it’s translation of the Dark Knight to the third person action-adventure game. How can Arkham City ever hope to surpass it?

First off, even though Asylum took place in, well, uh, Arkham Asylum, it’s Arkham City that boasts the most villains. From Hugo Strange to the Penguin, Two-Face, and I wouldn’t completely trust Catwoman if I were Bats, Arkham City seems to have a part for every one of Batman’s rogues to play. The newest addition was caught by Youtuber, MrKQGaming, in a recent Arkham City montage on Qore. Who’d he spy? Jarvis Tetch, also known as The Mad Hatter.

I think players will find his mind control abilities and preference for young, fair, blonde girls a perfect fit in the creepy world of Rocksteady’s Gotham.

So if Arkham City is home to more villains than Asylum, what of those who fight for the side of good? We know Batman, obviously, and Catwoman are featured as the in game, in story playable characters, Tim Drake’s Robin will be available as a Best Buy exclusive with his own challenge maps, but what of the original Robin, Dick Grayson. Will he appear as Nightwing? The rumors are yes, and those rumors are starting to look very likely. Check out these unearthed, potential character images,

Okay, I’ve kind of got a thing for Dick Grayson, not unlike many Batman fangirls. He’s like Bruce, but without too much of the weird, emotional baggage. But these images do not make my heart a’flutter. Maybe I’ll change my mind when and if we see him in game, maybe with just as many gratuitous ass shots as Catwoman. Come on guys, it’s only fair if the fan service swings both ways.

To add more credence to the rumor Nightwing will appear in Arkham City, XBOX 360’s Avatar Marketplace is releasing Arkham City themed items, including a Nightwing t-shirt. Is it simply a nod to comic book fans or a tease of the character’s inclusion?

Well, there’s your roundup of rumors and speculation surrounding the release of Batman: Arkham City on October 18th. Will you be picking up the game? If so, for which console? Or are you planning to buy the PC version?

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