Wow, that guy really looks like Superman!

What are the chances that a guy from the Philippines would look that much like Superman?

“Absolute Zero, Captain.”

Herbert Chavez is the Philippino man with a serious addiction to Superman. In this news report, (Apparently the news agency doesn’t want anyone to embed this video, just click through it to see), you get a tour of his memorabilia-packed home and then hear the story of how he has almost completely altered his appearance to look more like his hero.

Chavez even leaves this guy from “Confessions of a Superhero” eating his dust in the Superman obsession department.

The report has only a spattering of English, but you still get the picture. Look at the before and after photos. Chavez’s skin is way lighter, his cheekbones higher, and his chin has that classic cleft. He’s even sporting the trademark Superman curl across his forehead.

The question of his sanity is of course raised by reporters, but as one of the newscasters at the end of the report says, Chavez seems to be happy. It’s the plastic surgery part of this story that makes this NerdBastard’s creepy meter go off the charts. Now we need to make him a dating site page to find that lucky lady with the healthy Wonder Woman obsession to hook them up.

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