We’ve got our very first look at the upcoming Transformers ride for Universal Studios! Transformers: The Ride will be a 3D experience that will open at Universal Studios Singapore in December 2011 and Universal Studios Hollywood in Spring 2012. I’d definitely check this out in a heartbeat if I was anywhere near Singapore or Hollywood, but, alas…

The two pictures above show the orientation room and the All-Spark Vault at Universal Studios.

According to Thierry Coup, the creative director behind the ride:

“The technology at TRANSFORMERS The Ride is something the world has never experienced before in an attraction. The motion base simulator system integrated into the ride vehicle is state-of-the-art, together with ILM photo-realistic 3-D projections, will create an experience that is going to be a thrilling breakthrough in ride experience.”

And, below, we’ve got a teaser video for the ride as well as an introduction video.

Source: Geek Tyrant

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