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Everyone wants to have their own little raggedy Doctor, and while there are plenty of pint size plastic play things resembling the time/space traveling  lunatic, none compare to 1:6 scale of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor from HOT TOYS.

With the latest season of Doctor Who  having just wrapped up, people are going to have to wait till next year for more timey, wimey adventures.  So buying this mini-Doctor is sure to keep even the most impatient nerd amused. Check out the full sized picture after the jump.

The Eleventh Doctor comes with…

• Sonic Screwdriver (Closed)
• Sonic Screwdriver (Open)
• Wallet with Psychic Paper (not real psychic paper)
• Nano Recorder Gun
• Lash-up Device
• Time Lord Consciousness Cube
• The Doctor’s Invitation with Envelope
• TARDIS Door Sign Fragment
• The Doctor’s Handkerchief
• Wristwatch

And if that doesn’t impress you enough, look at his clothing, he actually gets a pair of fabric socks and suspenders to match this Doctor’s signature look… and signature looks are cool. As for right now though all you can do is drool over this 12-inch figure, the release date and pre-order date have yet to be released. Although you can go to ToyNewsI and look at some more pictures of your Barbie’s newest boyfriend.

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