On October 27th MTV finally goes back to their roots…, not with music videos, but with the 90’s series Beavis and Butthead. For you young’uns out there, these guys were doing crazy shit years before MTV had Jackass. True visionaries.

Created by King of the Hill mastermind Mike Judge, these dim-witted and lifelong friends (both voiced by Judge) mocked all kinds of music back when MTV still cared about putting music on TV. Now, with a new decade comes a new target for the boys of Highland, Texas.

With the world so focused on reality TV it’s a different playground for these pair of verbal assassins, and a perfect storm of comedy for us, the viewers, to enjoy. This new iteration of the series will see Beavis and Butthead take on the cast of the Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant, viral videos and Ultimate Fighting.

Since New York Video wanted to be a group of bungholes and not let people embed the video Click here for the trailer

Beavis and Butt-Head, America’s favorite culture critics, are back. They now have more than just music videos to make fun of: Reality TV, the Internet, and Ultimate Fighting will all be crossing their TV screen! Brought back by creator Mike Judge, Beavis and Butt-Head are dumber than ever!

As an added bonus here’s a clip from the upcoming episode “The Holy Cornholio”

It just makes you want to pull your shirt over your head and re-watch a copy of Beavis and Butthead: Do America.

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