There have been little mutterings and rumors here and there for the past few years regarding the possibility of a Halo movie.

The latest rumor is that Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks may be the ones to finally make this happen.

According to a French Halo fan site, this was included in the press-kit for an upcoming Halo novel:

“A film adaptation is set in 2012. It will be conducted jointly by two heavyweights of American cinema: Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks.”

It’s really unlikely that they’d be able to get a film this big finished and released on that time frame, especially since as far as we know, no director or writers or cast have been appointed to this project.

Whether or not it happens for 2012, it would still be damn awesome if Spielberg and Dreamworks were to actually do this thing.  It’s definitely been long enough, and I’d much prefer a movie adaptation over a second trilogy (and I’m not generally a fan of movie adaptations).

Below is one of the Halo: Landfall film shorts that Neill Blomkamp had directed as part of Halo 3‘s marketing campaign.  Back then, it was rumored that he would helm the films alongside Peter Jackson; he used these shorts as a way to convey his interest.  But that boat’s probably sailed.  Still, have a look at what it could have been!

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