We’ve been hearing a lot about the possibility of The Simpsons finally seeing its end due to a number of issues, the majority of them being financial and people bitching and whining about not being paid enough. Please.

It looks like the show will see its end soon enough:  if they all sign on to take a pay cut of 50% and agree to do a 24th season, then that will be the last – otherwise, the show is dead.  Just like Steve Jobs.  (Too soon?)

Even though The Simpsons generates a ridiculous amount of revenue and has reeled in over $3 billion over the course of its entire run on the air, it’s actually cost not much less than that to produce. Fox figures that stopping the production of the show would be most beneficial; it’d generate quite a bit of money just doing its thing (estimated at about $2 billion). In order to have one last season of our favorite never-aging family, the principal voice actors have to agree to a pay cut from approximately $9 million per season to $5 million per season. Huge deal, right? (I hope y’all can taste my sarcasm.)

I personally think that The Simpsons have been around for far too long and its quality hasn’t been consistent at all. But it is sad to see that Fox is ready to axe something that was the crux of its success as a network. Still, I’m sure we’ll continue to see episodes on the air all the time for years to come (like a few other shows that still happen to be around).

What’s even more sad is that nobody at work understands my Dr. Nick jokes. That is the worst part of all.

Source: Reuters

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