With the release of the new Kindle Fire, a full color e-reader, also came the announcement DC would be offering many of their graphic novels digitally, exclusively through Amazon. Well, this news royally pissed off the mighty B&N, Barnes and Noble, one of the few brick and mortar bookstores still hanging on. B&N attempted reach DC to express their hurt feelings over the announcement and maybe see if DC would agree to including the Nook in on this sweet, digital deal. DC said no.

To which B&N was all like, well, fuck you. We’re no longer carrying your books, and then ordered their stores to pull all DC books that would be available digitally on the Kindle Fire from the shelves. This includes Watchmen, Sandman, Fables, and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Ouch. These books can still be found on Barne and Noble’s website, but according to the rage-filled email, they are not allowed on B&N store premises.

It’s sad to see these exclusive deals cause hardship for one of the few book stores left operating, but come on, the small comic book store has been suffering for years. I don’t want to admit it, ’cause I still love holding a real, tangible book in my hands, but digital is the way of the future. This is simply another example of companies like DC thinking strategically about the future of their business.

What d’ya think about the book bruhaha? Has B&N made a dumb move banning DC books from their stores? Should they be looking to score their own deals with other publishers or should they just pack it in?

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