Cleavage In Comics

As of late (say the past 75 or so years) there as been much ado made about the way female superheroes dress in comic books. From the length of Betty Boop’s mini skirt back in the 1930’s up to a week or so ago with the whole Starfire Boobgate. It’s nice to see an argument tabled on the subject that doesn’t take up some moral stance, but points out the clear tactical problems that arise when you fight crime in a boob shirt.

Writer Dresden Codak and artist Aaron Diaz point out a couple of clear problems with superheroine costumes with too much cleavage.  Case in point, Power Girl and Wonder Woman.

The comic strip is after the jump:

Now, not that I am picking sides in this debate, but lets not forget that cleavage can work wonders as a distraction. Not to mention I am sure it can also function as a utility belt. Let’s make sure we cover this topic as much as possible, before we start covering Power Girl up.


source: dresdencodak


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