The Princess Bride Reunion? Inconceivable!

No, they are not getting back together to make “Princess Bride 2: Electric Boogalo”, damn it. They, that is most of the cast from the classic movie, got together to record a puff piece on Good Morning America for the talk show’s “Totally Awesome ’80s Week.”

Wait, come back. It’s the “Princess Bride”, damn it. I know its lame network morning programming centred around the banner of  “Totally Awesome ’80s Week” (having typed that twice, I feel the urge to drive a salad fork into my fore arm.) You are going to want to watch this, even if it just to see how old they are! It’s also all warm and fuzzy because as they remember making the movie, you remember watching it. Again and again and again.

24 years later, the cast of Rob Reiner’s modern-day classic get together to talk about a movie that is near to the nerd heart. Obviously Peter Falk (RIP) and André the Giant (RIP) could only attend in spirit. Fred Savage was also not in attendance, I assume he couldn’t get the time off from Arby’s. Hey, those Bacon Cheddar Melts don’t make themselves.

Watch the video after the jump, and then watch the whole movie for the 24th time on your own time (you know you want to.)

Source: ABC News

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